Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spannerland - Part 1: Hallowed ground

Somewhere there lies a secret motorcycle collection known only as Spannerland. This awe inspiring collection was recently featured in Lee Klancher's Motorcycle Dream Garages and is sort of a cathedral to some of the greatest two-wheeled machines ever build.

The thing that makes this particular bike collection truly remarkable is that each bike is truly special and noteworthy in the history of motorcycle racing. Just as you look at one jaw dropping bike, you look at the bike parked next to it and your jaw drops a little lower.

Now THAT is a reading spot!

Over the next ten days, I'll show you some of my favorite dirt trackers, production racers, cafe, sport and road burners.

1949 Vincent Series B Rapide

1949 Velocette KTT 350 (in 1951 Norton Manx frame)

Check out the Jamie Waters Collection here.

Stay tuned for more on Spannerland....

Tomorrow: Part 2: Dirt Trackers!